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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lynchburg Virginia Grand Jury: What's Under Consideration Monday?

From the Lynchburg's prosecutor's office:

Besides murder and one rape on docket call for the circuit court in Lynchburg Virginia. The grand jury will convene Monday morning.

"The grand jury consists of a panel of citizens summoned by the Circuit Court to review any criminal charges brought against the defendant (an indictment) and to hear evidence from grand jury witnesses. The grand jury’s role is to decide if there is sufficient evidence to go forward with a trial at the Circuit Court level. Grand jury witnesses are usually made up of lieutenants from the police department who present evidence from their police reports to the grand jury for review. Victims and/or witnesses are not needed for this court appearance; the defendant is not present for this hearing either."

When the grand jury convenes on Monday. Citizens who have been called to duty will be presented with charges on at least 36 individuals.

Drug possession and drug sales will compose at least 16 of the charges heard.

Joseph Anthony Dapron will face eighty plus charges of child pornography.

One person will be reviewed for eleven charges concerning forgery of counterfeit bills.
Charges will be considered for one person on child abuse and or neglect.
Charges against two people will be considered for - Assault Family/Household Member.
At least ten charges of larceny, burglary or robbery will be considered.
Charges will also be considered for four charges of worthless checks against one individual.
The grand jury will also hear one person with three charges of Embezzlement.
And the list goes on from receiving stolen property to habitual offender charges.

(Local police, law and crime) (Local news)


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