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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Because You Care Links are Located on The Right Side

On the right side of this site you will find a Because You Care Link sections. Look there to see sites that shows the different ways you can support our troops.

See how plain everyday Americans like you and me do a little something to let our troops know we care about them. Read personal accounts directly from the troops who are fighting this war. Find ways you can personal respond to the needs of a particular soldier, sailor, or marine.

I promise you even if all you do is read, you will leave with a better perspective of how our troops see the war in Iraq through their eyes.

I have had a request for a link to find a soldier who needs a friend. Books for Soldiers offers many ways you can help our troops including if you just want to make a friend. Go to the message board, and there you can find a friend, beach girl. You have to register and I am sorry the link I posted on WSET did not work.

(Patriotism and supporting our troops)


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