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Monday, June 27, 2005

Big Eared Bat Now the "Official Bat" of Virginia: and Other Legislation

Soon to be added to 16 other official emblems of Virginia, the big eared bat has come out of the dark, its official, our legislators have made it so.

The food tax is set to drop 1 1/2 percent and the tax on cigarettes is increasing from 10 cents a pack to 30 cents a pack, but the big news is the Virginia long eared bat who will soon make the trivia books.

There are other changes also as reported by WVEC in the Hampton Roads area:

--Close loophole that allowed people to take pictures up a woman's skirt or down her blouse in a public place.
--Enhance penalties for computer crimes, including "phishing" or "spoofing," fraud schemes that use e-mails to trick recipients into providing financial information.
--Allow a mother who is breast-feeding a child to opt out of jury duty.
--Prohibit execution of pregnant inmates.
--Allow day spas to obtain a license to serve wine or beer to customers.
--Prohibit motorists from showing sexually explicit videos that can be viewed by other motorists.
--Allow the state to license midwives who are not nurses.
--Prohibit possession of cell phones by prisoners.
--Enhance the penalty for manufacturing methamphetamine when someone under 18 is present.

So to all trivia masters Virginia does have an "Official Bat" of the long ear variety.

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