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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ben Fawley: The Trail of Coincidences

:: Playing with Fire ~ The trash of a crazy X-con ::~ Burn baby, burn ! ....have you committed a felony today? By Ben Fawley

To go into the mind of Ben Fawley, is like taking a trip in a carnival ride in the house of horrors. Yesterday, I spent a good deal of time looking at a myriad of sites and posts he has made over time. I was not particularly looking for his writing, I was trying to figure out were he was when Julie Popovich disappeared? And as I have said before the most revealing clues that Ben Fawley leaves are the ones that are not there. Take for example his calender, two full months are missing that surround the time that Julie Popovich disappeared. And, in trying to establish a time line of his posts, you start to notice one thing. When Julie Popovich went missing so did Fawley's posts.

Coincidences for Ben Fawley and crimes seem to go together like a pair of shoes. He takes one step and a crime seems to follow him with the next. And is it a coincidence, that now the Richmond Police are looking for yet another Ohio plate? Fawley had lived in Columbus Ohio, the place were Julie Popovich disappeared August 11th. A big question is where was Fawley August 10th through the 13th. He disappeared from the map.

Both Taylor Behl's body and Julie Popovich were found in similar circumstances. Is this just another coincidence? And some have pointed out similarities that only the police really know.
But from The Riehl World View, a blog that has gone deeply into the Taylor Behl murder you can find these reader comments on his post in their unedited form:

"Does anyone happen to know where Ben Fawley was in mid to later part of August? There is a striking similarity between the death of Taylor and the death of Julie Popovich. I also notice that she was from Columbus, Ohio and so is ole Ben. Hmmmmmm, does he ever visit his home?"

"With fox reporting the body may have been dismembered, wasn't Julie Popovich also dismembered? He said he was going on a cross country trip soon in July. He said he had new wheels, a van. We know he was in Tampa in late August to attend a porn convention. Where was he on August 6. We know he was from Columbus and served time there. We know that Popovich was a part time model . Sound familiar? Is he a serial killer?"

"weird connection to Julie Popovich.... hopefully that is not true. Though she went missing 8/11 and he does not have a blog entry from 8/5-8/24... who knows"

"this is too bizarre.reading from the page linked above ...taylors plates were switched for ohio plates,popovich bears resemblence to taylor,and there are also ariel photos on the web of the site of popovich's body which are errily familiar of the matthews co. photos.there is even mention of other girls disapearing from the same are of ohio over several years, one who drove guess what an escort.i read somewher that he had a thing for dodge darts ...maybe hes also a sick twisted fan of young pretty caucasian girls in college towns who drive fords and can be easily hidden in areas near dams and resiviors"

Now if Ben Fawley, is responsible for one crime, would not the other one be worth looking into?

And we are sure the police will be following the footprints of each step that Ben Fawley took.

To read all our post on Taylor Behl go here.

Picture credit: Skulz or better know as Ben Fawley, a spilled bottle of a oxycontin, a drug sometimes used in date rape.


At 12:46 PM, Anonymous iwwobbly said...

This is an interesting case,but why is it that the media only seems to care about young ,attractive middle and upper-class white women who are missing?Do people of other races,genders,ages,or economic classes not disappear?

At 1:20 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Thank you for your comment. You are completely right. People go missing everyday. Your observation that the media is following this kind of case, is because they find an audience. Other cases do not get as near as much attention as they should.

Part of the reason that we have been following this case is because, the clues are so available, and what happened to her can help others to be more aware and learn what other people are capable of.

There are lessons that can be learned, that may serve others not to get in this situation.

At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you're following a trail of coincidences, you're on the right track. ralphmcbob@myspace


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