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Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Relief in the Planning Stage Locally

During the last several days, efforts have and are still being made to coordinate a response by three local groups for the impending needs of the huricane victims.

Lynchburg Virginia Blog is happy to report, that both Lynchburg Freecycle (thanks to Jeff and Melissa), and Lynchburg Area Blog have united in this effort.

Lynchburg Freecycle is composed of a growing membership of 750, and they are individuals in tune with helping those in need. Lynchburg Area Blog is responsible for the kick start of this effort. And we are following suit.

Currently we have been in touch with the United Way and the Lynchburg Metro Chapter of the Red Cross. As their needs are defined we will be providing you with more information, and how to take part in this effort. The members of Lynchburg Freecycle have been notified. When we find the specifics of how you can help, we will let you know.

Photo credit NOAA, projected huricane path


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