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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Summary of Question of the Week

The question of the week was: Is the progress of technology and/or industry good for societies? Or in other words, is it more beneficial for societies to have modern technology than not?

The three commentators seemed to have mutual agreement that modern technology is, indeed, more benifitial than it is detrimental, however each one saw the potential abuses that can and are taking place, particularly in the private uses of one's own time. Technology and progress is seen as a good thing generally because it helps advance society in research, medicine, and things that keep people alive longer and give us greater comforts and so forth. So, in summary, those who responded say that technological progress is a good thing of which bad may result.

Personally, I would respectfully disagree with the comments. I think technological progress is generally a bad thing of which good may result. If we mean indoor plumbing, then yes, I think that progress is good. However, I think much of the so called progress consists of vain purposes and inevitably saps the goodness out of people, businesses, and institutions. It destroys locality, cultures, freedom, dignity, relationships, labor, economies, and many more aspects of life. The the more complex our societies become, the more debased we become. Certain modern advancements can be benifitial, but it's the pervading attitude behind the concept of advancement and progress that inevitably leads us astray.


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