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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Recap

With the Superbowl over and done, I'm reminded of one particular prediction that fell slightly amiss. I said the Seahawks would win 31-17, and if they didn't, I'd eat my words. I've already been offered the choice between mustard of ketchup to go with those words, and I may accept, for I'll definitely need something to cover up the bitter taste in my mouth after watching the Steelers somehow walk away with the Lombardi trophy Sunday night. Although I'll eat my words, it'll have to be under a bit of protest.

Basically, just about everything I predicted about the way the game would unfold was correct -well, except of course for the score - a simple oversight.

I said the Steelers wouldn't establish a running game. They didn't. I said they'd have to throw more than they'd like to. They did. I said the Seahawks' defense would dominate the Steelers' offense. They did. I said they'd force Roethislberger into a couple of turnovers. They did. I said the Seahawks would have a lot of success throwing the ball. They did. I said Saun Alexander would have a good but not great game. He did. I said Darrell Jackson would have a monster game. He almost did.

I said the Seahawks were the better team. I think they were. The Steelers were frankly overmatched. The Seahawks just couldn't finish. They missed field goals. They committed real penalties. They committed phantom penalies. They dropped easy catches. They outgained the Steelers. They outpossessed the Steelers. They committed less turnovers. But they lost.

I guess they lost. At least that's what my eyes told me. That's what I read in the paper the next day. Oh well.

Anyone have BBQ sauce?


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