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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Seahawks 31, Steelers 17

The biggest sporting event of the year is just around the corner and it looks like its going to be yet another snoozer. The irony is that the team that no one is talking about is the best team on the field. The Seattle Seahawks will win Superbowl XL.

For some reason, everybody likes the Steelers. The national media likes the Steelers. The odds makers like the Steelers. The Steelers make good press. They weren't supposed to be in the Superbowl. They were supposed to lose to the Bengals...and the Colts...and the Broncos. Everybody wants to see Jerome Bettis going to Disney World. Everybody wants to see Ben Roethlisberger become the next Tom Brady. Everybody wants to see Bill Cowher secure his future place in the Hall of Fame. The problem is that not everybody gets what they want. The problem is that the Seahawks are a better football team. They just aren't getting talked about.

The Steelers might even blow 'em out, they say. I say it'll be quite the contrary.

The Steelers will have a difficult time establishing a decent running game. They'll be forced to pass more than they'd like to. The Seahawk defense has been playing just as well as the Steeler's, without the noteriety, and they'll contain Roethlisberger quite nicely, forcing him into a couple of turnovers.

On the other hand, the Seahawks will run the ball well enough to maintain the offensive balance that has made them so potent all season long. The Steelers will contain Sean Alexander fairly well, but he'll still methodically eat up yardage. The real damage will be done through the air. The Seahawks have more offensive weapons then they're getting credit for. Matt Hasselbeck, Darrell Jackson, and Jeremy Stevens will have big games. They'll make a mockery of the Steeler's defense.

Hasselbeck will throw at least two touchdowns. Jackson will catch ten balls for over a hundred yards and at least one, maybe two touchdown receptions and the MVP. Alexander will run for about eighty yards and a score. The Seahawks will win convincingly and the Steeler myopia will be laid to rest.

This isn't an in depth analysis. It's a prediction. Come Monday, we'll see how close I was. If I'm too wrong, I'll eat my words - but I don't expect that'll be the case. Until then, enjoy another excuse to watch commercials and mediocre half time entertainment.


At 1:25 AM, Blogger Th3G4Me said...

Not bad I guess.

Although I think it is 100% incorrect.

Pittsburgh does lack the offence that the Seahawks have, but I dont see the Hawks D keeping the steelers off of the board.

Remember the hawks D was ranked 17th. That is lower than the Colts, and the Broncos.

I can't stop thinking about the last time the hawks played a 3-4 and only scored 13 points against the cowboys. There is no question that the steelers 3-4 D is better than the cowboys.

The steelers also have the better special teams.

I see the steelers easily winning by 10.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger C.T. said...

thanks for the comment th3g4me. As a Cowboys fan myself, I'd rather forget that game. However, the Seahawks weren't quite as good earlier in the year as they are now. Like the Steelers, they've been building momentum. The defense has improved as has been stellar in the playoffs. They're opportunistic and they've become tough to run on. The Steelers are good, I thought they would be the AFC champion, but I just don't think they have as many weapons, particularly on offense, as the Seahawks do.

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Tom said...

As a Steelers fan, born and raised, I have to always take steps back and that I can't just blurt out "we'll kick their asses," because hey we aren't always the best. We knew the same last year when we barely squeaked by the Jets and then got throttled by N.E.

I can understand your frustration if you're a Seahawks fan because hey, no one finds a compelling storyline there. Sorry about that.

But back to business. After reading alot on the Seahawks and looking at the impressive record they accumulated quietly during the season and then re-watching the NFC Championship, I can say I stepped back far enough to claim with near certainty that the Steelers will win, in a close game, 31-24.

I think you are right that Seattle's offense has been better balanced than the Steelers in the postseason. But balance doesn't always make you a winning team. I thought Denver was way more balanced than both Seattle and Pittsburgh and we saw what happened. The 3-4 Dick Lebeau defense had everyone in the AFC scratching their head (including the number 2 seed from the NFC) over the past 7 games.

Alas, maybe you are right and the Seahawks will win (though I ain't buying that sandwich unless it has fries and cole slaw on it - a 'Burgh thing). But don't think you will be right because of your analysis. You will be right because in being 7 and 5 and having to win out to even get to the playoffs, the Steelers are in the very difficult situation in sustaining that intensity, especially with the week off.

The Steelers defense will have their way (maybe not on the left side); Alexander will be limited to 110 yards rushing; the Steelers will win the special teams battles; Roethlisberger will get the ball to a much more talented wide receiving corp; and Jerome Bettis will continue running all the way to Canton (with the SBXL trophy in his hands).


At 8:19 AM, Blogger C.T. said...

thanks Tom - good analysis. I definitely give the Steelers the edge in the "fan" department. They certainly have strong support.

At 9:59 PM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...

C.T., 52 seconds left, Seahawks are down 10-21. I am wondering do you want catsup or mustard with those words? Or maybe Amy could whip up some yummy concoction in the pantry corner;)


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